Final Paper Instructions

ROUGH DRAFT DUE by end of the day November 26 on Blackboard

Missing this deadline will hurt your grade dearly, as it will mean that you also will not be able to participate in the peer review process.  The rough draft should include at least 4 pages of writing and have a thesis sentence.

 I will redistribute papers Nov 27 for peer review along with peer edit review sheet

PEER EDIT REVIEW SHEET DUE by class Dec. 4, submit on BB and provide to partner (paper or email)

You will also receive substantive feedback on your paper from the professor


Your final assignment for this course is to choose one of your essays for Empire’s Progeny and extend it into a full four to five page paper (1100 – 1400 words).  This paper must include an introduction, a thesis, several body paragraphs providing argumentation and evidence from the sources, and a conclusion.

As with the shorter essays, your paper should respond to our research questions posted on the Empire’s Progeny website.  You may choose to change your thesis from the original essay.  If you believe none of your prior sources merit a longer paper, you may choose another.  

*   *   *

In addition to elaborating your argument and providing more evidence, your final paper must include substantive reflections on at least 4 other sources, at least one of which must be another student’s essay.  Sources may include:

      • Other sources from Empire’s Progeny, including those you have already written on
      • Course readings
      • Primary sources examined in class
      • Your peers essays for Empire’s Progeny

These additional sources are to be used to develop the analysis of your primary source and your argument.  That is, they should be used to highlight factors about your source, flush out meaning through comparison, show change over time, demonstrate geographic reach of the phenomenon that you are writing about, et cetera.  Critical for your paper (and your grade) is that you wisely choose your additional sources and that you not just pick the first four that come to mind. 

*   *   *

The paper should require no additional reading besides reviewing materials and exploring your peers’ essays.  As with the short essays throughout the semester, my attention will be towards your argumentation: how you introduce and describe your thesis, the development of the argument over four or so body pages, and how you bring it to a close.

Within your concluding paragraph, you should include questions for future research that your source(s) and argument opens up.