Map Tour

A map tour is a series of images and short textual pieces that are linked to sites on a shared map.

Click the “+” to add a new element to your storymap.

Scroll down and you’ll find the “immersive” section. I encourage you to experiment with these, but here I’ll just describe the Map Tour.

You’ll then see this. Click “No, start with an empty tour.”

You’ll then get this. You can choose either option, although I suggest you choose “Guided.”

Once again you’ll get two options, one emphasizes visuals, the other centers the map. Again, either option is fine but I suggest “Map Focused.”

Now you have your map. By clicking on “Map Options” in the upper right you can (if you wish to) change the appearance of the map. Once you are happy with it, you can add your elements.

It is pretty straight forward to add an image, a title, and then write or cut and paste your text in.

By clicking on “Add Location,” you can connect your writing to a specific site on the map.

You can see here the marking pin on Mexico City. Then, by clicking on you can add another stop on the map tour.

By scrolling down, you can then continue your story.